Malaysian stamp enthusiast has more than 500 sorts of zodiac stamps, as well as counting

Malaysian stamp collector has over 500 types of zodiac stamps, and counting

In 1987, a stamp enthusiast based in Penang invested RM30 on a Chinese zodiac mark. Today, that stamp deserves over RM4,000.

“I purchased it when I was 13 years of ages due to the fact that I suched as the layout. I placed the cash inside an envelope as well as sent it to Singapore to acquire it. I didn’t recognize it was so prominent,” states Mac Lee Kah Lock.

Lee, 49, has actually been gathering stamps considering that he was 12 years of ages. As a child, he started his philatelic trip by peeling stamps from utilized envelopes. After that he ventured right into various other sort of stamps.

“I discovered a tiny stamp brochure which became part of an ad inside a paper when

I was a child as well as I promptly ended up being curious about having them,” he states.

Lee with 2 of his complete cycle zodiac stamp collections.Nowadays, a stamp brochure is a publication that reveals the checklist of stamp names, day of problem, the developer as well as the printing area. It covers all information relating to each stamp. Each nation releases its very own stamp brochures.

Interested by bird stamps in the beginning, Lee after that continued to gather very first day covers, adhered to by optimum cards, which stay his preferred collection approximately today.

“An optimal card resembles a postcard. I would certainly publish a specific visuals as well as placed the stamps on it. If the card, stamp as well as seal (from the article workplace) belong, you can state it’s total,” he clarifies.

Lee additionally made close friends with individuals from various nations – mostly Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Japan – to trade stamps with.

“You can acquire stamps on the Internet, from your buddy, or you can trade stamps with them.

“Normally, I would certainly trade stamps with my close friends abroad. I would certainly provide a Malaysian stamp as well as they would certainly offer me their equivalent nation stamp,” he includes.

Lee states when he waited 6 months to have a total optimum card.

“I created the postcard as well as sent it to my pen friend in Taiwan as he recognized somebody that stayed in the USA during that time. It took about 6 months for the optimum card to take a trip from Malaysia to Taiwan as well as to the United States as well as back,” he clarifies.

The 3rd cycle of zodiac stamps issued by the People's Republic of China. The third cycle of zodiac stamps provided by the Individuals’s Republic of China.

Historic worth

Amongst his collections, Lee is most enthusiastic regarding zodiac stamps. Presently he has 3 total zodiac cycle collections, which he began gathering considering that the very first zodiac stamp was provided by the Individuals’s Republic of China in 1980.

The stamp, called “The Golden Ape”, was co-designed by stamp developer Shao Bolin as well as Chinese master musician Huang Yongyu.

Huang, 99, additionally created China’s 2023 Year of the Bunny stamps launched just recently.

Lee intends to finish the 4th cycle’s collection adhering to the current launch of China’s bunny stamps. He had actually currently started gathering them starting with Japan, which provided the 2023 bunny stamp last November, adhered to by Taiwan in December. Malaysia will certainly release its variation on Feb 14.

Lee presently has more than 500 various sorts of zodiac stamps, consisting of very first day covers as well as optimal cards. In total amount, he approximates that his whole collection contains over 2,000 items.

A man showing the Year of the Rabbit stamps at a post office in Lianyungang in China’s eastern Jiangsu province on Jan 5 ahead of the Lunar New Year. Photo: AFPA male revealing the Year of the Bunny stamps at a blog post workplace in Lianyungang in China’s eastern Jiangsu district on Jan 5 in advance of the Lunar New Year. Image: AFP

Lee additionally won the third reward in the 2020 Globe Finest Optimum Card Competitors arranged by the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP) in Indonesia.

Presently, he is taken into consideration the zodiac expert in the Penang Philatelic Culture, which he signed up with after finding out about it from a fellow philatelist as well as buddy.

“I didn’t recognize there was a culture right here (in Penang). My buddy informed me to sign up with as well as from there I had the ability to make close friends as well as more my understanding in stamps,” he states.

Developed in 1982, the Penang Philatelic Culture intends to grow the delight of gathering stamps in individuals as well as at the exact same time, aid protect the nation’s background as well as society.

“Sharing is our major purpose. We attempt to share our understanding as long as we can with each various other, throughout every ages,” claimed Ng Wee Theng, head of state of the culture.

Currently, the culture has more than 130 participants from throughout the world. A lot of the participants are from Penang as well as Singapore however there are some from Britain, the United States, Australia as well as New Zealand too.

Taiwan’s 2023 Year of the Rabbit maximum card.Taiwan’s 2023 Year of the Bunny optimum card.

“We have one participant from India as well as our existing consultant is from Japan. It’s nice to have fellow philatelists outside Malaysia,” states Ng Jun Xian, the youngest participant at 26 years of ages, that is additionally the assistant.

Regardless of stamp gathering being viewed as a “sunset pastime”, the culture procured a silver medal at the 2022 Globe Stamp Champion Event held at the Jakarta International Exposition in Kemayoran, Indonesia.

They sent a journal – which had numerous pictures of stamp collections, their background history, as well as additionally write-ups as well as research study added by 16 participants of the culture – for the Philatelic Literary Works Display at the occasion. The journal additionally accompanied the culture’s 40th wedding anniversary that year.

“We thrived due to the initiatives of all participants,” states Ng.

In 2008, Ng additionally won a silver medal for his songs stamp collection at the 22nd Asian International Stamp Event kept in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“We motivate individuals, specifically our participants, to participate in any type of stamp competitors. Signing up with global or regional competitors can broaden our understanding,” he includes.

Ng (left) exchanging some stamps with Lee at a recent activity organised by the Penang Philatelic Society. Photo: Penang Philatelic SocietyNg (left) trading some stamps with Lee at a current task arranged by the Penang Philatelic Culture. Image: Penang Philatelic Culture

The organisation commonly organizes conferences, month-to-month tasks, stamp events as well as public auctions. They additionally offer an online forum for collection agencies to share their understanding as well as collections with others.

“We organize on-line conferences considering that a few of our participants are not in your area based. We additionally hold month-to-month tasks for participants where they can share, discover as well as socialize amongst each various other,” Jun Xian states.

Although stamp gathering is well acknowledged as a pastime, there are additionally those that recognize the worth of stamps, specifically the unusual ones.

“A few of them are not enthusiasts however financiers as well as go-getters where they buy the stamp in the hope that they can market it later on at a far better rate,” Ng states.

Despite this, several philatelists do not placed worth on their collections.

“We value the worth of the stamps, however it is not restricted to the financial side of points. We just consider their worth at the really last factor when we make a decision to market them,” Ng reveals.

He additionally thinks that the understanding as well as procedure of stamp gathering must be handed down to the more youthful generation.

“We play an extremely vital function in maintaining the nation’s background for the more youthful generation. Or else it will certainly vanish as well as they no more can value our background.

“By signing up with a philatelic culture, this understanding can be expanded as well as mark collections can be protected,” he states.

In 1987, a stamp enthusiast based in Penang invested RM30 on a Chinese zodiac mark. Today, that stamp deserves over RM4,000. “I purchased it when I was 13 years of ages due to the fact that I suched as the layout. I placed the cash inside an envelope as well as sent it to Singapore…

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